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Most patients considering vein treatment are also curious to know “How Much Does Treatment Actually Cost?”  As you might imagine, that depends…

There is a lot that goes into calculating the costs for various vein treatments.  And unfortunately, it’s not always clear at the beginning of treatment. Some patients may need more or less treatments depending on individual anatomy.  The main factors that influence the costs include:

  1. How chronic and severe are the spider veins
  2. Are there bulky varicose veins
  3. Will sclerotherapy treatment be enough
  4. Does the patient need varicose vein procedures
  5. Will insurance cover the medically recommended procedures
  6. What medications or agents are appropriate for treatment
  7. How many sessions will be required to achieve desired results
  8. One or both legs

Besides these variables, the cost of vein treatment will also depend on geography, the experience and certification of the treating provider, and use of advanced equipment.  

Our Vein Clinic

NJ Vein Treatment is part of the Vein Specialist Centers– A premier network of vein centers with multiple New Jersey locations and New York locations.  We are committed to price transparency and working closely with your insurance provider for covered services.   

Our vein center near Maplewood is located at 22 Old Short Hills Road in Livingston NJ in close proximity to Barnabas Hospital in Livingston NJ.

So What Causes Abnormal Veins Anyways?

Chronic venous insufficiency is an important factor to consider before any vein treatment.  Venous insufficiency is when the normal mechanisms within your superficial veins stop doing their job effectively.  Most individuals with venous insufficiency have a family history of varicose veins.  The condition is worsened by gender, age, smoking, weight, and even your work or personal lifestyle.   Individuals who work for long periods of time standing or sitting in one place are especially prone to develop the condition.  

It all begins with the weakening of the blood vessel walls inside your leg veins.   The size of the veins will gradually increase and lead to valve dysfunction and venous reflux.   At the surface this can present as spider veins and varicose veins.  However, simply treating the surface can be a costly expense if the underlying issue is not addressed.  

Fortunately, a simple ultrasound in the office can help determine if your visible veins are caused by venous insufficiency.



Sclerotherapy is the most accepted and effective therapy for spider veins.  During a session, your vein doctor will use very fine needles to inject a medical solution into your damaged veins.  The injected medication disrupts the lining of the targeted spider veins causing them to collapse. With time, they will fade and be reabsorbed by the body.

It’s not uncommon to see some redness or even worsening immediately after treatment. However, over the weeks, you will begin to see the vessels fade.  Most individuals need two to four sessions for a complete response in the desired area.

What is the cost of Sclerotherapy Near Maplewood NJ?

Sclerotherapy has indications in both cosmetic treatments and medical treatments. At your initial consultation, the vein specialist will assess for underlying venous insufficiency and the likelihood of insurance coverage. Cosmetic treatments are not covered by insurance, however only your doctor can decide if medical treatments are necessary.  

The average cosmetic sclerotherapy session in Maplewood costs $400 to $1200. At our clinic, we utilize Asclera (the only FDA approved medication for treating spider veins with sclerotherapy).  Compounded medications with generic polidocanol are not considered equivalent and are not regulated by the FDA.   The cost for sclerotherapy at our clinic is $500.00 for a full session with the doctor using enhanced visualization techniques. 

What is the cost of Varicose Vein Removal in Maplewood NJ?

Varicose veins are generally secondary to venous insufficiency with appropriate treatment requiring insurance coverage for treatment.  Symptomatic varicose veins are associated with sore legs, leg swelling, leg cramps, and in some instances inflammation and circulation disorders.  All symptoms should be reported to your vein doctor for a complete assessment and consideration of additional testing.

If underlying venous insufficiency is noted by ultrasound, sclerotherapy can be contraindicated without other treatment considerations.  The gold standards for treatment of varicose vein disease secondary to venous insufficiency is vein ablation.  

Cost of Vein Ablation in Maplewood NJ

Radiofrequency vein ablation (or laser vein ablation) is a minimally-invasive outpatient procedure performed by vein doctors to cure the underlying cause of varicose veins.

Most clinics like our own will obtain insurance approval when indicated to perform vein ablation. Out of pocket costs depend on individual plan deductibles and coinsurance.

Cost of Phlebectomy 

Besides sclerotherapy, phlebectomy can be utlized in conjunction with ablation or even sclerotherapy.   Most skilled vein doctors will eliminate varicose veins using a combination of ablation and foam sclerotherapy, however in some instances with bulky varicose veins, phlebectomy can be preferable.  

In this  time-intensive outpatient surgical procedure, vein doctors use tiny incisions under local anesthesia to pull out large varicose veins from the skin.   The procedure can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the severity of veins.

Cost: Can be covered by insurance with medical necessity. The average cosmetic cost for phlebectomy of large varicose veins ranges from $750 to $3500.  

Cost of Foam Sclerotherapy

Patented pre-packaged foam sclerotherapy is a special formulation of polidocanol utilized to collapse tortuous varicose veins of the upper and lower legs. This treatment can be an alternative to phlebectomy in ideal candidates.

Cost: FDA-approved and covered by most insurances with medical necessity. Out of pocket cost dependent upon insurance plan and deductible. 

Cost of Vein Glue in Maplewood

The most recent technological advancement in the treatment of varicose vein disease has been VenaSeal™. This closure system is the only non-thermal, non-tumescent, non-sclerosant procedure approved for use in the U.S. that uses an advanced medical adhesive that closes the diseased vein.

Cost: In New Jersey there is insurance coverage with Horizon or Medicare when considered medical necessary.

Take the Next Step

If you’re looking for an expert vein doctor to address your leg pain or spider and varicose veins , don’t hesitate to visit our office. We encourage you to schedule your consultation here online or call 973-200-7330!