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Spider Vein Treatment | Clifton and Livingston NJ

What Are Spider Veins

Spider veins are incredibly common especially on the legs, but it is not unusual to find them on your chest, face, or hands. The appearances are familiar and present as red to purple blemishes on the skin. While they can be an early sign of vein disease, most spider veins are harmless. Spider Veins can be easily treated with the right approach.

Why Do Spider Veins Occur?

Spider veins usually reflect an underlying genetic predisposition or hormonal influence.  However, with more significant spider veins, it can be helpful to evaluate underlying venous insufficiency before proceeding with treatment.  Chronic venous insufficiency results from poor circulation in the leg veins. Your blood may begin to back up and increase the pressure inside your leg veins.    The pressure is released on to the skin as spider veins and varicose veins. 

Risk Factors for Spider Veins

Genes: Your family history is the most important consideration with vein disease. 
Sex: There is an increased prevalence among women for spider veins.  In fact, some reports indicate up to 80% of females have some presentation of vein disease.  Most is cosmetic in nature.
Age: With increased age, the valves in our veins have increased wear and tear.  
Hormonal Factors: Pregnancy and estrogen containing pills are associated with increased risk.

Stationary Lifestyle: At work, some of us are prone to stand or sit for prolonged periods of time.  This can also increase the wear on our leg vein valves. 

Spider Vein Treatment in New Jersey

While some people seek treatment for cosmetic reasons, others may need it for symptomatic relief.  Spider vein treatment is divided into two categories:


Cosmetic Sclerotherapy:

The primary reason for spider vein treatment is cosmetic.  Based on the location and severity, your vein doctor will help you decide on the best technique for spider vein removal. 

Medical Vein Treatment:

This involves understanding the root cause of the symptoms and development of spider veins.  If medically necessary, your vein doctor will recommend a venous reflux ultrasound prior to spider vein treatment.  Underlying venous insufficiency will be addressed prior to any cosmetic treatments to address symptoms. 

The Best Spider Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy: Our preferred method for treatment of spider veins.  There are several enhanced techniques that improve efficacy and long-term success.  

Our vein doctors are experts with advanced techniques including foam sclerotherapy, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy, vein-lite assisted sclerotherapy, and cryo-sclerotherapy.  

Sclerotherapy can be used for leg veins, hand veins, facial and chest veins.  

Laser Therapy

We refer patients with certain types of small facial veins for laser therapy.  Otherwise, sclerotherapy tends to be more effective. 

Laser can also be effective with fine veins on the feet when underlying causes are excluded. 

Treat Your Legs With Confidence!

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      For Spider Vein Treatment in Clifton or Livingston NJ, our vein doctors are a step ahead!

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